Enhancex Him


The Enhancex – Him product has been developed using a perfect balance of ingredients that assist with virility and sexual enhancement!

Ailanthus Altissima Root

Ailanthus Altissima root – 157.5 mg

Also known as the tree-of heaven or Chinese sumac. Native to China now found widespread throughout Europe. It has been a popular used herb in Asia for generations to aid in sexual function and libido.


 Epimedium Sagittatum

Epimedium Sagittatum herb- 52.5 mg

Is a pungent ornamental herb found in Asia and the Mediterranean. The Chinease call epimedium Ying Yang Huo, which loosely means ‘licentious goat plant’. Legend has it that the name horney goat weed came from a herder who noticed his goats becoming more sexually active after eating the plant. Supplement companies have adopted the provocative name by which it is known in the USA.

 Panax Ginseng Root Panax Ginseng root – 24.5 mg

Is one of the most commonly used and highly researched species of gins eg. Native to China, Korea and Russia, it has been an important herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years where it has been used primarily as a treatment for weakness and fatige.


 Coriandrum Sativum Fruit

Coriandrum Sativum fruit – 17.5 mg

Is a small annual plant that has been cultivated for several milleniums and is still grown in North and South America, Europe and the Mediterranean countries. The ripe fruit has a pleasant tangy smell and taste and has been used for flavouring and in medicines since ancient times.


 Trigonella Foenum - Graecum Seed



Trigonella Foenum-Graecum seed – 17.5 mg

Trigonella (triangle shaped pale yellow flowers) Foenum-Graecum (Greek Hay) is an erect annual herb growing about two feet high and is a natural source of iron, silicon, sodium and thiamine. The seed is also an excellent source of selenium, and anti-radiant which helps the body utilize oxygen



Tribulus terrestris fruit – 52.5 mg

Tribulus terrestris is a genus of plants found in many warm regions. The best-known as a dietary supplement claimed to increase the body’s natural testosterone levels and thereby improve male sexual performance and help build muscle.