Your trial pack is a great idea, I was very suspect about buying a herbal Viagra replacement. I was plesently surprised that Ecomplex work as well as Viagra but I didnt get the sore eyes and hang over feeling the never day. I've recommended the product to a few mates - thanks again.

Allen Y - Bondi Sydney Australia


i said that the tablets certainly worked, giving me the firmest erection for many a day and that the ejaculation seemed larger and stronger, making sex really pleasurable again.



If you are sceptical...... don't be, this is the best on the market. I was unable to achieve a full erection until I took EComplex, now with or without a partner I am getting the hardest and horniest erections ever and it lasts, even the next day I am getting a stirring in my pants. EComlex has certainly put a smile on my face. Love it.

James - WA Australia


This is a testimonial for your product, EComplex. In as much as I am normally adverse to writing testimonials, I find that I have no problem in giving the highest praise to your wonderful product which I have just reordered. I am 70 years old and for a number of years, I have been losing my libido which was very high and failing to get a decent erection and because of this was beginning to lose interest in sex per se. I was starting to blame my age for these problems and, in turn, tried Viagra and the other erectile enhancing drugs with no real success at all. I was put off going further with these drugs due to headaches and heartburn the following day. I decided to try your product as a last resort and, in all honesty, was not expecting any real result at all. Imagine my surprise and delight, to say nothing of the pleasure of my partner who is twenty years younger than myself, when on the first night of using your product, not only was my penis rock-hard and swollen to a size that I have not attained since I was a much younger man, but I also felt such a sense of relaxation and warmth within myself and with my partner, that we made very active love for most of the night, and next day, I kept getting these lovely erections when I was not even thinking about sex. Needless to say, I could hardly wait for the next night to take another capsule. I found that on the second night, my penile (and mental) response was even stronger than the previous night, no doubt because of my new-found confidence and relaxation. I have also found, that apart from getting erections on demand that I have suffered no side effects. Bravo Performex Health. You have gained another customer for life. In closing, let me assure any man, young or old who may read this, and who wants more out of his sex life than he's experiencing now, to try your product, and I am prepared to guarantee that he will be more than satisfied with the result. My thanks and my love to all those responsible for this wonderful herbal product.

Peter Mitchell.
Lismore, Australia.


I would like to say how satisfied and happy we are now we have discovered E-Complex. My partner and I have tried tablets to help us improved our sexual activity including Viagra and have not been happy with the results my partner cannot keep an erection. Now we have found E-Complex and are overjoyed with the results we get, our sex life has improved 100% I would like to thank you for this, I would recommend this to anyone having Erectile Dysfunction.

J Allen

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Confession of a Viagra user "I used to take Viagra - in spite of the side effects - until I discovered EComplex. Now, I can get a stronger and...

William J, New York



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