Am 47 used Ecomplex yesterday trust me the feeling reminds me when i was in my 20s,great no other words to describe it, hence am placing more orders with larger quantity in the next few days.



Would just like to say what an amazing product this is And how well it works

Neil - Aust


Well I do have to say I am wary about buying 'pills' off the internet, but I was willing to give this a go. The order arrived very promptly. I carefully read the instructions and popped a cap. This was late afternoon, and nothing much was happening that night. However the next morning, an old friend visited me!! I mean like he was very healthy, and I was very happy, forming a rock solid relationship again!! Since then, I have been road testing with renewed confidence! I must say I couldnt be happier and so is my old friend.

John UK


I am to say the least suprised by your product, I was sceptical at first as to wether it would work but after only one capsule i felt like a teenager agian!! I am 36 and do not suffer from impotence but i have recently had very little labido and problems maintianing an errection. I was really suprised also when i discovered that my erection was noticably larger than usual and i found my self the next day becoming aroused for no aparent reason in a work meeting!! That hasn\'t happened since the age of 20. Thank you and i would recommend this product to any one with similar problems or even just planning a serious night of fun!

Andrew - South Yorkshire


I would like to thank Ecomplex for this fantastic product.It has had an amazing affect in my life,not only the sex. The results have been way and beyond my expectations. Sex is a lot longer and I'm able to go again and again!! I have a smile on my face once more,Thanx again.

Mark UK

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Your trial pack is a great idea, I was very suspect about buying a herbal Viagra replacement. I was plesently surprised that Ecomplex work as well...

Allen Y - Bondi Sydney Australia



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