Dear Paul I've never sent a thank you email to anyone - but after using Ecomplex a few times I just had let you know that the product works better then anything I've tried. Customer for life!

Steve M - Dublin


I would like to thank you, as others have for making available a product which has stimulated the old boy back into action. At 60 I was unable to get an erection with out medical assistance... but not twice in the one night and the flow rate is unbelievable. Great product

Ian B - QLD Australia


I am aged 58 & my new girl friend is just 22. She is very horny & sexually demanding ! Up until I found EComplex I was finding it hard satifying her , but when I first used this amazing stuff I stayed hard all night even after multiple orgasms & eventually she had to beg me stop !!! It's like being 19 again. After trying virtually verything else on the market I reckon this is defintely top dog !

James - Gloucester UK


I am writing to tell you that I am very pleased with the product EComplex - Him. I am 49 years old and EComplex - Him does exactly what it claims to do. I have spent well over $1500 last year on mostly worthless products. Since I've started taking EComplex -Him I am having incredible sex and I feel like I am in full charge of my abilities, and now I take the time to pleasure her first. That's how well EComplex - Him works for me. I read in one of your testimonials that it caused an erection while not even thinking sexual thoughts. THAT is VERY TRUE because it happened to me also. I am so pleased with the results that I will become a life time customer as long as EComplex - Him is around. Thanks again.

Jullian - Cleveland Ohio US


Confession of a Viagra user "I used to take Viagra - in spite of the side effects - until I discovered EComplex. Now, I can get a stronger and longer-lasting erection minus the terrible side effects. Thanks!"

William J, New York

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Thank you for your prompt despatch. I am greatly impressed with EComplex him. I have tried generic viagra in the past, but suffered from chronic...

Many thanks, from Neil (59) Manchester UK



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