Your product is amazing! It's been 10 since I've had an erection that hard - my new found confidence has done wonders for my sex life. Thank you Thank You :)

Pete Yong Singapore SG


"My husband started using your enhancex product over 2 months ago and I just wanted to write in thank you for providing such a great product. He unfortunately has had high cholesterol levels for a while now and one of the side effects of using cholesterol lowering drugs has been erection problems. As a typical man, he tried to ignore the issue which resulted in both our sex life and relationship suffering. I forced him to go to a doctor and we have tried various prescription drugs all resulting in further side effects. Seeing a doctor about this issue has been embarrassing for him, unfortunately erection issues are not something that men seem to talk candidly and openly about. We even tried a nasal spray for over $400 dollars which resulted in my husband actually being physically sick and I was concerned he would not get through the night. After this experience, my husband simply gave up and our relationship continued to suffer. A girlfriend of mine suggested I look into natural enhancers that just use herbs. After convincing my skeptical husband to try a herbal treatment we went through a few products that resulted in little if any effect. After finding and trying your product, I can't thank you enough. Not only do I have my husband back, he has more desire for sex then he ever has and I keep telling him that his erections are stronger then when we first meet (which is some time ago now). Thank you so much for saving our relationship! Just one request, there was very little information about how some cholesterol lowering drugs cause erection problems, so if you could provide some information on your site about how well your drug has worked for my husband so others can benefit that would be appreciated. Thanks so much again!"

Fulham, London UK

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I would like to thank Ecomplex for this fantastic product.It has had an amazing affect in my life,not only the sex. The results have been way and...

Mark UK



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